Why I want to start a poultry farm in Gauteng

I grow up in the rural area of Transkei where he attended
my primary and high school education, while taking up extra responsibilities of heading cattle after
school and also ploughing family land all seasons of the year,Because of my experiences as I grew up in rural areas I find it very difficult to tap into farming in Gauteng. After trying for many years with out successful for years now,I realize that there re lots of people who are in the same situation as mine Who are depending on government grants incentives for their projects to be a success.

I want to show and teach others disadvantages circumstances can be converted in to success if we put our mind in to it.I want this site to help farmers to get all information that they looking for in one site as we still developing this website,examples of what we want people being able to see is not limited but your plants feeds materials,and were they can get all farming related products.

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